5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Free Wi-Fi


reasons your business should offer free wi-fi to its customers

As a business or enterprise owner, you are constantly trying to edge out your competition by attracting customers, building loyalty, gaining a competitive advantage, and receiving free advertising through word of mouth. Today, more and more business establishments are investing in Wi-Fi because customers have become accustomed to the free service. Wi-Fi makes your customers’ lives easier by keeping them engaged throughout the time they spend at your business. Below are some reasons to invest in free Wi-Fi.

1. Wi-Fi Attracts and Retains Clients

All businesses from laundromats to fast-food restaurants have one thing in common: they need to attract customers to their premises continuously. Given the fact that most people are connected to the Internet and are active on social media, offering free Wi-Fi at your business while your customers wait for service gives them an incentive to return. Often, time seems to pass a lot faster when you are engaged online than when you have to wait for a table at your favorite restaurant.

2. Customers Spend More Time in Your Store

Wi-Fi access helps your clients remain connected and productive while at your business premises, so they will not mind waiting longer. Eventually, they will influence their family and friends to visit your establishment too.

3. Customers Spend More Money in Your Business

When you offer free Wi-Fi at your establishment, customers have a reason to pop in regularly and end up spending their money while in there. For retailers, customers utilize the free Wi-Fi to browse available products or look at online reviews. Small businesses offering free Wi-Fi often report an increase in sales.

4. Social Media Marketing

With free Wi-Fi, your customers can post photos and videos of your products online, which markets your business to their social media friends. Their friends might also show up at your establishment if they see through social media that their friends are there having a good time.

5. Competitive Advantage

In the past, businesses relied on product quality and price to differentiate their products and service delivery. The onset of technology like free Wi-Fi has revolutionized this old approach to gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

You do not need an online MBA in marketing to figure out the benefits of investing in free, fast Wi-Fi at your business. Though it might seem like an investment to give it to your patrons for free, Wi-Fi improves your customers’ perception of your business, offers free instant advertising, increases minimum customer spend, and attracts more business to your establishment.

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