Six High-Paying Jobs You Should Consider


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The sluggish economy and high costs of education mean that job seekers should focus on steady industries and high paying jobs. Here are six  high-paying jobs currently available to recent college graduates.

Software Developer

Software developers create and maintain a variety of software types for different platforms. This includes mobile, PC, Mac and web-based programs. Some software developers analyze and document the client’s needs and preferences, while others design and prototypes to meet specific needs. Senior software developers create software code models and workflow diagrams for computer programmers.

Client Account Manager

Client account managers collaborate with sales, marketing, accounting and customer service employees to oversee high-profile client accounts. Since they often act as the primary point of contact for their customers, they must be familiar with various business operations. Client account managers use their analytical and interpersonal skills to problem solve and maintain important client relationships.

Sales Director

sales managerSales directors are business professionals with expertise in sales, marketing and operations. They are often part of strategic planning sessions and executive activities. Sales directors are tasked with identifying sales targets, analyzing markets, monitoring market changes and training lower-level sales supervisors. Sales managers should have a strong finance and technology skills.

IT Program Manager

IT program managers have the freedom to work in almost any industry where their services are needed. IT managers oversee daily operations, supervise employees and oversee short-time technology projects. Thus, they must have excellent project management skills to ensure that tasks are completed accurately and on time. They must also be dedicated lifelong learners who stay current with advances in technology.

Petroleum Engineer

The oil and gas industry pay extremely well because their employees oversee billions of dollars’ worth of equipment, resources and facilities. Petroleum engineers enjoy high salaries because both the engineering and oil and gas world pay very well. Petroleum engineers design methods and develop systems for the safe extraction of oil and gas from subterranean deposits.

engineerCivil Engineer

Civil engineering revolves around public projects and systems that are essential for daily life. This includes roads, bridges, tunnels, ports and airports. Civil engineers analyze survey reports, review government regulations and evaluate potential safety and environmental hazards. They also perform on-site tests, provide cost estimates and test building materials. A master’s degree in civil engineering is required for some of the most rewarding jobs in the field.

A bachelor’s degree is required for all of these entry-level jobs, but senior positions will require a master’s degree and a few years of experience. These are just a few high-paying jobs and personally rewarding careers to consider.

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