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Getting your site to a top spot in the search engine rankings isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work and there’s always changes to techniques or ranking criteria. It makes sense for you to hire an SEO consultant like Colton Miller for the best results, but not all SEO professionals are equal. Here are six important questions you should ask.

What Strategy Will You Use?

There are many SEO strategies to choose, from keyword analysis to link building. You want a clearly defined plan that suits your business goals, your brand, and your market. Ask about the experience the consultant has within your industry niche, and what time frame you’re looking at before you see significant results.

Can You Do a Site Analysis?

One of the first steps an SEO professional should take is to determine if you’re using effective keywords, layouts, and more. A technical review involves spotting problems like broken links, script errors, slow page loads, and other factors that can lower your site’s potential ranking. Any strategy should begin with identifying and fixing these issues.

How Do You Measure Success?

Your consultant should know all the metrics involved for gauging the success of your SEO campaigns. Professionals should fully understand how to measure traffic, track inbound links, and use tools such as Google Analytics. A consultant should also be willing to share and explain these results so you can follow progress yourself.

How Will We Communicate?

Levels and channels of communication can vary. Look for a consulting firm that is willing to hold regular meetings via Skype, chat, or phone, and can provide charts or other infographics to make things clear. Ask about customer service lines or other means of getting answers outside of normal meeting schedules.

What Kind of Value Are You Getting?

Start by doing your research to find several reputable firms and the prices they charge. Are they hourly or flat-fee rates? When you have a grasp of pricing, you can judge the value you’re getting in return. If you’re paying top rates for minimal progress, you might want to move on. Get all terms in writing, including any means of voiding the agreement if you aren’t satisfied.

Will You Document All Changes?

The best way for you to understand what’s happening is via an ongoing list of all changes that have been made to your site. You’ll be able to discover quickly whether your site still reflects your style and message. Should your agreement terminate at any time, you’ll have a record of exactly how your content has changed.

Don’t forget that hiring an SEO specialist is like any other business agreement. It’s a vital investment where you can’t afford to waste time and money.

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