6 Savvy Organization Tips for Offices


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The most productive offices are highly organized. This goes beyond keeping pencils in a cup or labeling all the files in the cabinet. Savvy organization skills mean getting everyone in the office on the same page and implementing changes across the board. The following tips can help.

#1: Institute document sharing

Cut down on the memos and the paper clutter by setting up a document sharing protocol for your office. Free services like Google Docs can be accessed by any employee you allow, and they can access the documents on any device. This allows you to share memos, meeting agendas, and anything else that you need easily and without the paper clutter.

#2: Streamline the paper inbox

While going paperless where you can helps, there will still be some paper documents that need to be passed around. Institute an inbox policy so everyone is operating on the same page, since this will cut down on lost paperwork. For example, color code desktop inboxes so everyone is using the same colors for outgoing, urgent, and general inbox items. This will make leaving items at a currently empty desk a breeze.

#3: Create a central hub

Make sure shared items are located together in a central location. This could be the printer, fax, scanner, and copier, along with the shelf full of reference materials. This way the staff isn’t running to one end of the office to grab a reference item and then to the other end to make a copy of it.

#4: Move non-vital storage offsite

Keeping too much stuff in the office is a recipe for disorganization. Instead, move non-vital items offsite to a self- or company-storage company like Midway Moving & Storage. A storage unit is a good place to keep older records that you no longer need but can’t yet get rid of. It’s also a good place to store off-season advertising materials, decorations, or trade show equipment so it isn’t cluttering up the in-office supply closet.

#5: Merge calendars

Keep everyone on the same page by switching to an online scheduling and calendar service. Google Calendars is a popular option, but there are many open source and paid services available. It’s much easier to schedule a mandatory meeting when you can quickly check everyone’s calendar to make sure they will actually be in the office at the time of the meeting.

#6: Set up successful workstations

Providing everyone with the tools they need to be organized is vital. Make sure every office or work station has at least one supply drawer, one filing drawer, and a shelf or two to organize items. Also, provide small organizers, such as magazine holders and desk organizers, to encourage neat work areas.

A combination of the right tools and the right strategies will keep your office running smoothly and at the top of its game. Keep these tips in mind as you get your business settled, and you’ll be able to enjoy many years of productive progress.

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