Business Communication Tools 101


Business Communication Tools

The world we live in is more connected than ever before. Today, you can contact someone on the other side of the world instantly and even receive video feed. In the world of business, this technology can help you stay connected and become more efficient and productive, and there are four tools you should consider implementing.


Especially if you have multiple locations, Skype is a beneficial tool that allows you to speak with coworkers on the go. All you need is a webcam, and you can engage in conversation while being able to see the other person. This can be especially effective if you have to travel but still need to maintain contact with the team.

Instant Messaging

Let’s face it. A typical day in the office can get hectic, and you likely need quick answers at various points. Instant messaging makes this possible, and you can set up this technology easily. There are several business instant messaging solutions to choose from including MSN Messenger, Pidgin, and Digsby. Everyone in the company can be assigned a user name and password. By logging in, you can send and receive instant messages even if you aren’t in the building.

Mobile Apps

Today, there seems to be an app for just about everything. When it comes to the workplace, apps that allow messaging can save time and money. Most people keep their phones within reach, and this better ensures important and time-sensitive issues will be more quickly received and reacted to.

Social Media

Public relations is an important aspect of any business, and social media allows you to make a positive impression and communicate with potential clients. Not only can you express upcoming specials and events, but you can also share milestones in the company through visual aids such as pictures and videos, allowing you to gain the trust and confidence you need to succeed.

Keeping Up With the Competition

Along with the increase in technology and ability to stay connected comes an increase in competition. Whether you’re up-to-date with the current communication advancements or would rather things just stay the same, the truth remains that you must stay current in order to keep up with competitors. When you create efficient ways for your team to stay connected, you can help your business advance and be prepared to implement new technology as it becomes available. By utilizing these four tools now, you can do just that.

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