3 Reasons Your Business Social Media Strategy Isn’t Performing Well


business social media strategy

Social media is an important tool that can increase brand awareness for a company of any size. It can also act as a way for the company to interact with its customers and learn more about their wants and needs. However, you can’t simply post a few links to Twitter and expect your web presence to be strong and robust. Let’s go over a few reasons that your business social media strategy isn’t doing well.

The Company Doesn’t Engage With Followers

One of the key tenets of social media is there needs to be a two-way conversation. Simply posting content is not a good way to get people to share or like it. By asking your followers to offer their thoughts or insights, they are more likely to either start a conversation or keep it going.

Fortunately, engaging with your audience is fairly easy. For example, you could post a picture and ask people to give a like if they agree with the content and leave a comment if they don’t like it. This can be a simple and effective way to show other social media users that others have enjoyed your posts. It also shows search engines that your posts should be given a priority ranking.

Your Account Appears Fake

There is nothing worse than following or trying to engage with a fake account. Ways to show people that your account is real is to have a full bio as well as a profile picture. Creating a bio or adding a picture with a caption can be an effective way to rank for keywords, which can help optimize your accounts for search engines.

You should also tweet or post content to your social pages in a natural manner. This shows that a person is running the account and that your page is not one that creates and shares shallow or spam content. While the use of a short URL is acceptable, you should add content to your tweets or posts to give a follower more confidence in actually clicking on any links that you may share.

It is important to note that you should not follow fake accounts or buy followers. Both of these things will draw the ire of your followers because bots may try to follow them and put spam on their timelines. Buying followers is pointless because they won’t engage with your content or take actions such as buy your products or services.

You Don’t Post On Multiple Channels

It is critical that you post content to a variety of channels to increase your reach and to interact with customers in a manner that is convenient to them. If you aren’t sure how to create videos, you can use tools made by companies that will create and post videos directly to YouTube. In addition to posting on YouTube, make sure to post videos to Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

When used in combination with text and infographics, you pique the interest of a broader swath of people. Those who like to read can head over to your blog while those who prefer video content will go to YouTube. Of course, your content needs to provide value to the readers or watchers. Otherwise, the content created by your company is unlikely to be shared or liked no matter how many people like it.

Mastering business social media strategy is part art and part science. This is why many companies either outsource this part of the online marketing or they choose to hire people who have extensive experience in this area. It’s important your business has all the necessary equipment and services to run your social media campaigns, while still not going over your budget. Consult with companies who offer realistic rates, like this CAN. Many people may think of this as an ACN Pyramid Scheme, when in reality they’re a company that is offering the services you need at an affordable price. While you won’t be able to overcome your shortcomings overnight, making changes now could lead to greater success in the coming months and years.

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