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SEO and Digital Marketing: How to Stay on Top of the Rankings

Digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two subjects that are invaluable for achievement in the modern business universe. If you want to shine in the contemporary

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Revamping Your Business Website? 4 Steps to Making It Customer-Friendly

Having a website is one of the most crucial things for a business to have. If you don’t have one, then achieving success will only be more difficult. If you do have a website already,

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How to Get Your Name out There as a Freelance SEO Professional

Search engine optimization (or SEO) has been gaining tremendous traction. It’s a way for marketers to increase visibility through keywords in search engine results. If you want

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5 SEO and Branding Tips for Small Food Businesses

No matter how bad the economy gets, there’s one thing that can always bring some entrepreneurs a little comfort: people still have to eat. If you’re a small food business owner, there will always be

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4 Steps to Making Your Business Website Better Optimized for Google

If you want to stand as an online brand and attract tons of traffic to your website, it’s best to optimize your site for Google. It takes some research and intentional work, but it’s really worth it

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Is Your Business Ranking Locally? How to Master the Local SEO Game for Your Company

Local SEO is not only necessary for improving search engine results for those searching for your content from a specific location, but is also necessary for improving your search results on Google Maps.

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How To Increase The SEO Value Of Your Blog

Search engine optimization is no longer an option with blogs, it’s a must-have item. All blog owners must increase the SEO value of their blogs significantly if they are going to get anywhere. Here are

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What Does “Google Keyword Encryption” Mean for Marketers?

Google has a new search system in place; it’s called Secure Search. Before the new system arrived, Google’s search engine operated in a transparent way. Each time a searcher clicked on a search result,

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How Google’s Penguin Affects Your Online Marketing

Matt Cutts, everyone’s favorite spam killer, has done it again and improved the World Wide Web experience for everyone except for a small number of web site owners. If you’re one of them, this

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