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Web Copywriting Pricing Guide

    There are many items of your online presence that need copywriting besides the obvious content posts and pages: search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, landing pages, auto-responders, newsletters, etc. Below you will find our web copywriting pricing guide to help you prepare your budget.

    Fees for Search Engine Optimization:

    Optimizing a Web Page: Rewrite a current web page for better search engine rankings for specific key phrases.

    Fee Range: $100 – $400 per page (depends upon length of page)

    Writing a Small Website: Create the content for a five to six-page website using SEO strategies.

    Fee Range: $1,500 – $3,500

    SEO Consulting and Training:  Help with key phrase research, link development strategies, or site submissions or train you how to optimize your site for better rankings.

    Fee: $60/hour

    Pay-Per-Click Copywriting Fees:

    Single PPC Ads:  Write ads for a PPC campaign (“Sponsored Link” ads), based on the keyword research provided by you. If keyword research is needed prior to developing the ad, then add $60/hour.

    Fee Range: $25 – $250 per ad

    Full PPC Campaign:  Create an entire PPC campaign including conducting the keyword research and writing 10 different ads, a landing page, the welcome page, and a welcome email.

    Fee Range: $1,000 to $2500

    Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Fees: Write the creative for a PPC Campaign and manage the entire process on an ongoing basis. This includes placing, managing, and continually testing the PPC ads, and then refining the copy and target keywords as needed.

    Fee Range: 15% of PPC ad fees spent by the client, or $500 to $6000 per month (depends upon number of campaigns)

    Landing Page Fees by Type:

    Homepage: The homepage is the most important page of a website, and often the most difficult to write.

    Fee Range: $450 to $4,500

    Information Page:  An “information” page contains relevant, useful content such as “How To” articles, product reviews, interviews with industry experts, and any other information your prospect might need as part of the decision process. Information pages do not directly sell something, but they move the sales process forward in some way.

    Fee Range: $250 to $750

    Subscription Page: The focus of a subscription page is on the benefits the prospect will experience once they complete the transaction.

    Fee Range: $450 to $4,500

    Sales Page:  This page will directly sell a product or service. Length can run from a short product description page (similar to the ones you see on Amazon.com) to a full blown sales letter.

    Fee Range: $450 to $10,000, depending on length.

    Email Fees:

    Standalone Sales Email:  Similar to a promotional letter, these emails close the deal.

    Fee Range: $250 to $2000

    Newsletter/E-zine: The email equivalent to an information page online, but sent out on a regular basis-usually priced per month.

    Fee Range: $150 to $750

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