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use video training for your team

Modern sales teams are bombarded with more information than they can handle. Video training can help your team stay focused and on the same page.

A deluge of proposals, digital content, sales data, emails and marketing materials, often leads to decreased attention spans and slowing of important daily sales activity.

Sales VideosCoupled with no time to sharpen their sales skills, your team can benefit from visual-based training to help manage the overwhelm of information, increase productivity and close more deals.

A 2004 Hewlett Packard study, The Power of Visual Communication, advises that visual communication can be more powerful than verbal communication, suggesting in many instances that people learn and retain information that is presented to them visually much better than that which is only provided verbally.

To grab your sales team’s attention, help them manage their workload and re-energize the sales process, use engaging video presentations for learning to train, motivate and retain your team members.

Short and impactful training videos can help your staff keep track of pertinent sales information, integrate well with your current sales enablement strategy and boost your bottom line.

Here are a few content ideas to train your sales staff and manage the constant flow of information.

1- Reestablish your company’s mission statement.

To make sure that your team understands your specific approach to doing business — and the particular pain that you relieve for your clients or customers – you can create a compelling video training series.

A list of organizational do’s and don’ts will remind your sales team of the best way to educate and solve your customers most pressing problems.

2 -Help your teams make sense of sales data or new product offerings.

The ability to quickly analyze and act on sales data is important to your business. When you want to announce a new product line or highlight a new sales trend, create a short online video. Don’t forget to provide slides that your team can download to help reinforce the ideas presented in the training videos.

3 – Make sales stories come alive.

An organization must consistently tweak and redesign its customer acquisition and conversion processes to align with changes in consumer thinking and behavior.  When one of your team members has a sales success in the field, re-enact their sales process, so other team members can model his or her success.

4 – Highlight messages from the CEO and executive staff.

Most employees enjoy hearing company news straight from the executives. An energetic and enthusiastic strategic message from the CEO or a C-level manager is a great way to announce company news and unveil new products and services to the sales team. A monthly message from key executives also allows team members virtual access to the higher-ups.

5 – Expand the lunch and learn for traveling team members.

When your sales staff travels often, some team members may miss key company events or lunch training meetings. Instead of requiring them to download lengthy video or audio recordings, edit your training video down to its core message.

Upload this 10 to 15 minute video to your intranet as a short online module. If you are using our social online video platform, your sales team members can comment on the videos and take part in the discussion remotely.

A series of informative and engaging videos are a great way to get your sales team to stay on the same page. Engaging, entertaining and intriguing videos will spread faster than a written email or memo and can reinforce important rules, common team goals and effective strategies to shorten the sales cycle.

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