Finding Your Niche: How to Adapt Marketing Techniques to Your Industry


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You are trying to develop a marketing strategy that appeals to the particular niche industry in which your company resides. This can be tricky—especially if you are new to a given industry and are not certain how to reach out to your specific sector of the consumer base. However, if you do not figure out a marketing strategy, your business will suffer considerably. The following are a few tips you can use to adapt an effective marketing strategy to your particular industry.

Make Your Customers Aware

One of the first steps of marketing in a new industry is to make your potential customers aware of your existence and how your products and services can help them. This can be done through a variety of useful marketing vehicles. You can develop industry-specific websites, blogs, videos, and podcasts. These marketing tools are there to educate your customers in the unique industry-based problems your products and services aim to provide solutions to for your customer’s convenience.

Your customer wants an easy solution to their problem, so be sure to make the customer aware of how easy it is to implement your products and services to achieve their desired outcome. For example, if you are marketing law firm services, then you need to explain why your customer may not have the legal guarantees they would acquire from using your law firm to defend their case if they went with another law firm. The solution here is not the competitive issue, but rather it is the expertise your law firm brings to the table and their years of experience doing it.

Facing Down the Competition

You will inevitably be competing with other companies also supplying products and services within your industry. You will want to help your customer understand why your products and services are better than your competitors. You will also want to make it clear how your products and services are cost effective for your given industry. If the customer does not see that what your company has to offer is priced at an affordable range, they will likely go with your competitor out of financial necessity. When that occurs, it indicates that your industry-specific marketing strategy is off, not hitting the mark.

Building Rapport with Your Industry

No matter what your industry happens to be, the consumer is looking for the gold standard. By the way, if that is not obvious yet, that is your company. Your company needs to make the consumer believe that when they go with your company, they are in good hands. If the consumer does not believe you have their back, they will not use your products and services with much confidence or consistency. Marketing to build rapport is what helps to move your company to a higher position in the industry in which your company resides.


Marketing in a new industry is like swimming out into deep waters. At first, you are never certain what to expect. Over time, however, your customers get to know you and why your company outshines your competitors. Eventually, if told enough, they start to trust your company, and that is when things start going well for your marketing efforts.

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