Green Business Design: How to Create an Eco-Conscious Company Blueprint


Eco-Consious Business Design

There are some good reasons for companies to embrace the idea of “going green”. Adopting eco-conscious policies is a good addition to any company’s brand. It connects with environmentally concerned consumers and shows that your business cares about curbing pollution and preserving natural resources. Being known as a responsible company builds trust with your customers, and provides economic advantages such as tax breaks.

Here’s a blueprint for building an eco-conscious company.

Reduce Your Waste

If you aren’t recycling materials, contact a local recycling company and find out how you can start. Make sure that chemicals, electronics, and other hazardous trash are properly disposed. Institute a policy of digital documents and two-sided printing to reduce the use of paper and printers. Appoint someone to ensure that you’re ordering recycled materials and green products whenever possible, especially packing and shipping supplies. Be sure that mistakenly ordered items are returned, not tossed out.

Curb Energy Use

Mandate a policy of using more cost-conscious LED lighting. Install timers to ensure equipment is shut down, and mandate a policy of turning off computers at the end of the day. Invest in a programmable thermostat that will automatically reduce heating and air conditioning demands at night or on weekends when there’s nobody around. Limit the use of personal devices like fans, radios, or heating pads that are often left on all day. You should even consider installing solar panels to fill some of your energy needs, or letting employees work from home when possible.

Green Initiative Leadership

You might want to consider appointing a qualified person to ensure these policies are followed and pursue new solutions. Leadership and management skills across a variety of projects are earned through online engineering management degrees. These are the most qualified people to implement process improvement, project management, and innovative technical solutions.

Green Company Culture

Place signs encouraging employees to turn off lights and appliances, try carpooling, and use green products. Give out mugs or other items with eco-friendly messages. Provide incentives for employees to come up with ideas for reducing waste and conserving electricity. When your staff understands that you’re committed to eco-conscious practices, they’ll follow along—and spread the word to improve your brand.

Promoting eco-conscious practices as a standard company policy pays off in many ways. It’s good for employees, good for the company culture, good for the environment—and done thoughtfully, it can improve your profit margins.

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