How to Make Sure Your Company is Secure in 2017


How to make your company more secure in 2017

Insecurity remains a top concern for many companies today. Criminals are working on ways of robbing or interfering with the operations of honest, hardworking entrepreneurs. So this year, you need to do four major things to limit this risk.

Use Advanced Technology Controls

Make Use of technology controls to secure your sensitive data. If need be, use identity management software such as active directory from Microsoft to ensure only trustworthy people can have access to your sensitive data.

Also, you can protect the data itself. Microsoft provides tools for securing documents and files with passwords, and this is a great option. You can install WatchDox on your computers and mobile devices. This software allows you to wipe the contents of these devices remotely whenever you want.

Train Your Employees

Ensure everybody in your business understands company security policy and appreciates why they need to live by them. Sit down with them every now and then and explain how security applies in their particular roles and answer any questions clearly.

But this is not all. In order for training to be effective, ensure it is implemented from both the top down and bottom up. It should also be tailored to the specific roles that each employee plays.

Secure Your Premises

Get physical and ensure thugs cannot get into your premises. If need be, replace your current doors, for security doors that are designed to guarantee maximum intruder protection. If you are looking to secure your property then firms like Bonds Security Products will be able to make sure you have all the necessary protection your company needs.

You can also consider fitting your window locks, if there is need. If these access points are vulnerable, install security lighting and CCTV. Although doing all this involves cost, other than your security, your insurance premiums could go down.

Seek Advice

Fighting crime requires the support of many stakeholders including the government. If you are concerned that something might go wrong, speak to the crime prevention officer at your nearest police station. They should be able to help you know the forms of crime businesses in your area are most vulnerable to and the best ways to protect your company. Since many forms of cybercrimes continue to affect many businesses today, seek the advice of your IT provider as well.

Criminals always try to discover different or more sophisticated methods for them to remain in their “business”. So undertake regular checks. If possible, do this every month throughout this year and remain open to suggestions about how to better protect your company.

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