As with most web design and development companies, you need to see examples of their work and hear what other customers are saying before you start a relationship with us. As much of our work is behind-the-scenes in auto-responders, search engine optimization and Internet research, you must rely on statistics and testimonials.

Ongoing Projects

  • Financial Trend Forecaster – Originally a monthly subscription newsletter, Financial Trend Forecaster  went digital (and free) in the 90’s. Featuring the amazingly accurate Moore Inflation Predictor¬©, as well as the NYSE Rate of Change and NASDAQ Rate of Change Charts, Financial Trend Forecaster publishes articles related to trends in the markets. FTF has gone through many iterations over the years. The most recent involved a major transition from static pages to WordPress.
  • InflationData.com –  In the late 90’s, we branched out into a site that focused on inflation. InflationData.com is one of the premier sites for inflation on the Internet, ranking on the first page of search engines for hundreds of keywords. Besides general inflation as reflected in the US Consumer Price Index, InflationData.com also tracks historical inflation, the “Misery Index”, and inflation adjusted commodity prices. InflationData.com also went through a major structural change when all of the articles were moved to WordPress while the database-driven statistical data pages were upgraded to the latest version of ASP.NET and given a new template to match the WordPress side.
  • Your Family Finances – This site has been around quite awhile as well. It has only gone through two design changes, however. The first site was, as the others, static pages with a custom Dreamweaver template. It was also moved to a WordPress structure for easier maintenance and given a matching template to our other financial sites.
  • Elliott Wave University – One of the methods used to decide when to get in or out of the financial markets, is the Elliott Wave Principle. This site provides information on this technical analysis tool and general investment knowledge.
  • UnemploymentData.com – Recently added to our family of financial sites, UnemploymentData.com is growing in readership and traffic monthly. It is also built on WordPress using a similar theme as the others.

Completed Projects

  • Healthy Tongue Secrets – site for the promotion of an eBook on curing geographic tongue, a condition that may affect 4% of the world’s population
  • International Geographic Tongue Support Group, LLC – articles and information related to geographic tongue – companion to above site.
  • Kentwood Heights Baptist ChurchKentwood Heights Baptist Church – Although the church had a website for a few years, the target audience of the website changed from church members to visitors. With that change in focus plus a desire for easier site maintenance and more features, the site was moved to Clover Sites. I also designed a new logo to go with the church’s new mission statement: “Reaching people for a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Recently completed projects

  • BridgeKidz is the name of the children’s ministry at Ironbridge Baptist Church of Chester, Virginia. Originally, the children’s ministry pages were part of the main website. The new Director of Children’s Ministries, Katrina McMahon, wanted to do much more and have a branded site. We created a new logo and used a parallax effect on the home page.
  • Middle District Baptist Association is a group of Southern Baptist churches in central Virginia. Although they had a website for a few years, they wanted a more modern look and also needed to make sure that it was visible on mobile devices.
  • Radioactive Audio of the Tri-Cities area around Petersburg, Virginia, wants a website to reach local consumers. Although they have been in business awhile, they have only used traditional print advertising to date.
  • Jim Hamacher, Executive Director of Middle District Baptist Association, wanted to resurrect his personal blog and also feature the most recent posts from it on the MDBA site.
  • The Ministry Assistants site was created for Brenda Green of MDBA to connect with not only the ministry assistants in her association but through the Southern Baptist world.

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