Own a Startup? How to Get the Marketing Skills You Need to Keep It Going


marketing skills for startups

If you have a startup, we’d like to congratulate you on taking initiative! With a startup, you can dive into a thrilling world of competition. However, you need to make sure you know how to get the word out. The only way to do that is through proper marketing. Here are four tips for proper marketing of your startup:

Get Word out Early

You shouldn’t be sitting on any opportunities to market your startup. Even before you’re officially opened for business, you should be marketing. Through online or word-of-mouth marketing, you can really get a buzz going. Try a soft launch for your products. You can have them available in certain regions. Then, when you expand, you can know that there’s already (hopefully) a good reputation being formed.

Attend Workshops

When learning about marketing, you should receive the best education possible. For instance, there are the ones that The Rainmaker Retreat provides for those involved in legal marketing. Even if you don’t have a law-based startup, you can benefit from workshops like these. Just look for those that focus on your particular industry. Make sure you go in with an open mind. Even if you feel like you know a lot about marketing, put your ego at the door. Allow yourself to be taught by others and prepare to implement their ideas.

Have a Strong Ad Campaign

Advertising isn’t the only kind of marketing, but it’s one of the most effective. If you have something to advertise with your startup, do so. Think about the products or services that you provide. How can you best explain them in a 30-second TV or radio spot? This is a time when collaboration can really help as well. Work with others and use focus groups to see what advertising methods would work best.

Try New Things

You ever notice how companies don’t just stick with the same exact logo or ad campaigns for decades? It’s because they need to keep people talking, and the best way to do so is through changing things up. While familiarity does have its place, it shouldn’t come at the expense of innovation. Allow yourself to think outside the box. You shouldn’t be cycling through plans like they’re nothing, of course. Instead, give each marketing idea room to germinate and blossom fully before moving onto a new one.

Marketing is so very crucial when it comes to a startup. No matter how enticing your idea may be, it won’t be worth much without marketing. Through this guide, you can help ensure that you have the right marketing skills for your startup.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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