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The design, layout, content, and overall feel of your website have a direct and tangible influence on the performance of your business. In a digital age where consumers are using the internet as their first port of call when making purchases, in many ways your website is more important than your actual store space since it makes the first impression for your business. Therefore, you need to select the right web developer for your particular needs, and develop a site that not only looks good but projects the proper image for your business.

But Web Design is a relatively new field, and many business owners are unsure of exactly what to look for. In the case of web development, cost does not necessarily reflect quality, outsourcing and the use of freelancers is commonplace, and at the end of the day, you may not have enough background knowledge to adequately critique the final product.

Web Developer Reputation is Important

Web development is a highly creative field that is linked to hard facts and business truths. Companies that provide this kind of service build up a portfolio, much like artists do, in order to showcase their talents. This is the side of their business that they would like you to see – window-dressing the web, if you will. But obviously they do not show you everything. Consult colleagues, experts, social media sites, and anyone else that you can in order to gauge what the company is really all about. After all, the final product may look great, but you still have to build up a functioning work relationship.

Having said all of that, there are many companies that have wonderful reputations that are completely justified. It is your job to sort the real ones from the posers. This is a crucial step, and is largely impacted by gut response. In other words, Do you like their work? And can you work with them comfortably?

Ask The Web Design Competition

This sounds like espionage, but the best way to judge a service is to ask other companies about it. Go to company X and say that you heard company Y was a good option. You will soon find out which companies have the requisite talent, work ethic and service record that you are looking for. If everyone says bad things, this is more than just business – it may be an indication that company Y lacks the quality that you require.

Look for Comprehensive Web Service

A standout quality of a great web developer is the fact that they offer you comprehensive service. Some companies will do layout for you, but only if you bring your own copy. Or perhaps the copy is included, but you need to register your own domain name. Doing this piece by piece is expensive and frustrating, and the end product is likely to look fragmented and lacking cohesion. Opt for a through the line service that will create your dream site in its totality. Great web developers track your performance, offer upgrades, boost your ranking by incorporating SEO services. If you are getting less, move on.

Websites with a Personal Touch

The next thing to look for is something far less tangible, and you will need a bit of experience to pick up on it. In any computer-based industry, it is easy to lose that personal touch. People become accustomed to working with machines, sending emails instead of talking, and focusing on accuracy instead of passion. You will be able to tell when a web developer is worth your time because they actually care about what they are doing as much as you do. And that matters most of all come crunch time.


The final item to consider is price. Expensive developers generally have a reputation that justifies their prices, but there are a lot of geniuses out there who work for less with better results, and the personal touch. Match your developer to the size of your business. If you run a multinational firm, you probably have an in-house development team, but if you look elsewhere, go for someone with the capacity to handle your needs. If you run a tiny home based business, a solo developer could be exactly what you are looking for .

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