Use Email Marketing Over The Winter Break


email marketing after the holidays

When the holiday mayhem is over, use email marketing to maintain sales. Of course, there will always be the winter sale, which of course will be popular. It’s usually late January that companies start worrying about sales. However, in this current economic climate the issue of sale lag will reach a critical status this winter as companies prepare for a very cold season. News articles already state that Christmas sales are getting earlier and earlier – in an attempt to avoid the ‘Big Freeze’ so what can you do in order to counteract the depression?

Create An Email Marketing Campaign Over The Winter Break

Many companies go back to email campaigns – as they find it harder to keep customers coming back to buy more after the Xmas holidays. Planning will be the key to success. Take time to review your current email templates. Make sure they are in keeping with a new audience who might be a little buy shy at this time of the year. When you send your emails try to maximize traffic to your website, create referrals and create a buzz around your products and services. Ensure that you create interesting subject lines. Remember, the idea is to get your future clients to open the email. Once the email is opened, the content within needs to impress the recipient and make them take action on the email. Informing them about a price-crunching sale, Use terms like “limited time offer” “while supplies last” or “enter to win!”

Here are a few ideas on how to maintain your email marketing for the holiday season.

He who dares…wins – Create an email that offers the recipient a chance to win something a (a bike, an ipad etc.) Make the prize substantial as people won’t take you seriously if you go cheap. Make the rules of winning clear and it will encourage people to begin to believe in your brand.

Knowing me and knowing you – Offer discounts to those who send friends to your site. People trust friends and family and will normally look at a website or product that is being recommended by them. Offer some kind of incentive for this process – voucher codes might be a valuable resource to use to encourage referrals to family and friends.

Close up and personal – No one likes to get emails from machines! Personalise your work at all times and make your customers feel special! Try to use their first names if you have them – and avoid the ‘mail-merge’ look. Taking a bit of time creating an individual email may ensure they don’t put your stuff in the ‘trash’.

Product Reviews – Reviews can be used to bring customers back to your site after they have purchased something. Offer a discount code or enter them into a competition as a reward for submitting a product review.

Social Media – Use Facebook and Twitter  and other Social Media to help fuel your campaigns – especially for a contest or a really great sale. The message can go viral if the content is interesting. Think about back linking and adding voucher code information to your emails that may drive traffic your way.

Comfy Slippers – Keep a state of consistency running through your emails campaigns and websites. Make sure people always know it’s your site. Use similar fonts and images – don’t re-brand excessively and remember people find confidence in what they already know – change is uncomfortable.

Keep those email campaigns going and enjoy some success after the holidays. Be current and keep your information flow as focused to your target audience as possible. Do your research and make sure that the emails you send are related to the ‘Big Freeze’ mentality.

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Tim McMahon

My grandfather lived through the Hyperinflation in Weimar, Germany--to say he was an original “gold bug” would be an understatement. I began reading his “hard money” newsletters at the age of 16 and the dividends from gold stocks helped put me through college. I began publishing the Financial Trend Forecaster paper newsletter in 1995 upon the death of James Moore editor of Your Window into the Future and the creator of the Moore Inflation Predictor©. FTF specializes in trends in the stock market, gold, inflation and bonds. In January of 2003, I began publishing to specialize in all forms of information about the nature of Inflation. In 2009, we added Elliott Wave University to help teach you the principles of Elliott Wave analysis. In January 2013, we began publishing OptioMoney. Connect with Tim on Google+.

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