What is Google Authorship and Why Should Bloggers Care?


Google authorship may help your SERP

Blogs are important to business success and are a primary method of personal expression to millions of people today. It’s one of the most important parts of the modern Web. Even if small bloggers mostly work for free or for tiny returns, the content that they produce certainly does have value. While traditional publishers always receive some kind of copyright protection for their work, bloggers seldom do. Bloggers have so far had no way to protect their work from web scrapers and spammers. This is where Google Authorship comes in.

Google AuthorshipGoogle has been on the lookout for some time for a system that can help protect the intellectual property rights of bloggers and at the same time help them gain some sort of authority for every piece of original work that they produce.

How Does Google Author Rank Work?

Ever since Google began to push its own Google Plus social media network, Internet observers have obsessively wondered about what plans exactly Google might have in mind for it. Most didn’t think that Google was simply having another go at competing with Facebook after the failure of Buzz.

Google Plus, though, isn’t a copycat product. It’s managed to create a niche for itself among social media users. The Authorship system is one of the most innovative features on Google Plus.

Google Plus has existing ways to try to judge web content for authority. If you write a blog and you have your content constantly +1’ed, this is an important signal to Google that you are an authority in your field. The more you are 1’ed, the higher your content is ranked.

Google Authorship also grants bloggers a way to secure their content from plagiarists.

If you are an author and you know how to set up Google Authorship, you can possibly see your Authorship information reflect on the way you rank on Google search. Articles on the Internet that have genuine Google authorship markup tend to receive higher rankings when people search. It doesn’t matter how simple a blog you run. If you have a Google Plus profile, you can have your articles anywhere on the Internet attributed to your name through Google Authorship. No one else can steal your content and get similar mileage.

Can Signing Up to Google Authorship Help You Get Ahead with Your Business?

When you get decent Author Rank, Google considers you a guru in your niche and put you front and center when anyone searches for the kind of information you are good at.

This kind of authority can be far more believable than the backlinking system.

How Do You Get on Google Authorship?

The system is extremely simple. To begin, you need a Google Pus profile. Once you’ve signed up for one and made sure that your profile includes accurate information, you can go to your Profile and add your primary website. Once you’ve done this, you get to add as many websites as you want.

Every blogger needs to sign up for some Author Rank. It’s an easy way to gain legitimacy at no cost.

Ben Easton is an SEO consultant. He frequently writes about blogging for SEO on content marketing blogs. For fast business internet, visit the Hughes Net link.

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