Keeping Cool: How to Manage Anger in the Workplace


anger management in the workplace

Disgruntled employees can be a true detriment to employers. News stories abound about angry employees and former employees who have damaged property or even hurt others inside the company, and these are things that pose a real danger to your business. Such issues can result in damage to the company’s reputation, internal strife and even legal issues. For example, you may face a personal injury lawsuit if an employee is hurt by an angry co-worker, or you may face a discrimination lawsuit if an angry manager goes too far when letting words fly in a heated moment. It may be wise to preemptively consult with a lawyer from a firm like Bennett & Sharp PLLC, but as a manager or business owner, there are steps that you can take to prevent anger, fights and contention in the workplace.

Have an Open Door Policy

Anger typically builds up over time, and employees may finally lose their temper when they feel as though they are not being heard and that their opinions do not matter. The first step in reducing anger at work is to have an open door policy between HR and employees. Express openly that HR wants to hear about concerns and grievances in the workplace.

Encourage Feedback from Employees

More than that, openly encourage feedback from employees about changes in policy and more. Your employees do matter, and some may have legitimate concerns or complaints that also affect others in the business. Your HR team may even provide structured formats for employees to provide feedback about different changes in the company.

Listen Actively to Complaints and Take Action

There may be building issues developing between co-workers, in a manager-employee relationship and more. Such issues can grow over time, and many employees may feel as though they have no choice but to endure the pain of these situations. Your HR and management team should have a reputation for listening actively to complaints and for taking action. When your team realizes that they do have a viable solution to their problems, they may be more likely to voice their concerns through a positive outlet.

Set Up Anger Management Training Sessions

Another step that your business can take is to set up anger management training sessions. These may be formal classes that all are required to attend. They may be structured to teach employees how to deal with stressful situations, conflict-resolution techniques and even meditation or other calming solutions.

As an employer or manager, it is important that you actively recognize the potential risks that anger in the workplace pose on your business. Everything from potential lawsuits to damage to property can be avoided when you take precautionary steps to prevent anger from building. You can start improving your business in each of these areas to minimize workplace anger.

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