Is Your Small Business Messing Up When It Comes to Your Marketing Game?


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If you find your marketing strategies less effective than you expect, know that you are not the first. Many small, local, or start-up businesses struggle in this area; hence, the web is filled with good advice for people just like you.

Keep a Website

Some people decide that because they are local or because their product ought to sell itself, they need no website. However, 97% of the time customers search for products & services online, and over half the searches are local. Without a website, your customer base will decrease rapidly, and you can obtain one easily for under $400. You can also learn to edit it on your own.

Still, a website is almost no good if you do not update it regularly, the same as you should a blog. Updates say you are in the know. An outdated site suggests that you may be out of business and discourages customers. Better to have no website than that!

If you plan on selling items on your site, you should make sure that you’re using NetSuite ERP software or something similar that will help you to keep track of your sales and handle your marketing with efficiency. Doing so will help you to profit more and get more return on investment (ROI) out of your site. After all, if your site isn’t helping your business to grow, then you’re doing something wrong.

Judge What Time is Best for Your Company to Post

Do not simply find when another company posts and piggy back on their shoulders. Find out when your fans post on Facebook. To do so, examine the “posts” tab under insights on Facebook. That will show you all you need to know concerning post performance and activity, which will aid you to analyze your fans’ behavior and discover when your company ought to post.

How to Organize Social Media

People become bored with sales pitches, so make sure you post articles related to the broader industry in addition to information about your business’s latest activity. In fact, experts recommend that 80% of your posts should treat with matter of that kind, matter not specific to your company.

Also, choose your social media outlets and job boards carefully to promote your particular brand best. A website, blog, and a traditional advertising system are enough to manage without adding sites on everything possible. It is too much to handle.

Learn from the Results of Your Advertising

Just advertising is not enough. Keep a close eye on your social media and your website to see what works, what does not, and how to better your best results. This, any online advertising campaign permits. Do otherwise and you waste valuable time and money.

Messing up in the marketing game is not the end of the world. People do it all the time. Just act on this good advice, and you will be alright again in a jiffy. Remember that the key to success is individuality; copying what others do is not right for you.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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