4 Steps to Making Your Business Website Better Optimized for Google


optimize your website for Google using these 4 steps

October 23, 2017 in SEO

If you want to stand as an online brand and attract tons of traffic to your website, it’s best to optimize your site for Google. It takes some research and intentional work, but it’s really worth it in the long run. Optimizing your site for Google will allow you to gain organic traffic and new prospective customers/clients on a consistent basis. Consider implementing these four steps to make your business better optimized for Google.

Frequent Content

Especially when you’re first starting out, it’s wise to produce content on a consistent and frequent basis. It’s one thing to produce a blog post once a month. However, it’ll be very hard to gain significant traction this way. Do your best to produce blog posts at least one to two times each week. If you can do more, even better.

SEO Strategies

Use widgets like Yoast to help you optimize each blog post for Google traffic. Add at least one image to every blog post and tag the image with the keyword. Place the keyword in the meta-description, title and the first paragraph of the post. Make sure the post is at least 300 words or longer. Add a few relevant keywords at the bottom of the post. These easy steps will make a major difference in whether your post is SEO-friendly.


Even though you may be excited about the idea of tons of graphics, HTML and music on the home page, this could prove to be very distracting. When it comes to business sites, visitors want to get information on free estimates, areas of coverage, contact information and any other relevant answers to their questions. It’s important that you relay that information in a way that is visually cohesive and easy to understand. Wheaton World Wide Moving, for example, does this with their site and makes all information easily accessible from the home page.

While intricate designs are nice, it is best to keep things simple so that your customers don’t get confused. You don’t want them to get so frustrated trying to find something on your site that they lose interest and go elsewhere. Yet, aesthetic appeal is still very important as you want it to attract the customers and keep them on your site longer. Just don’t go so far into the appeal factor that it makes things more difficult for visitors to get what they need from your site.

Competitive Analysis

Take a look at which keywords are the most competitive. While it might be nice to stomp the competition down with the most competitive keywords, it’s not a smart strategy. Use keywords that will gain the right traction and customers yet are underestimated. This will help you maintain a competitive edge on those in your field.

The above steps will take work, research and consistency. However, once you get into the flow of this process, your website will be optimized for Google. As a result, your business will receive a lot more traffic and attract the right customers.

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