4 Old-School Marketing Techniques That Are Still Impactful Today


Old-school marketing trends

Vertical video and Snapchat stories are two of the latest trends in online marketing. While these promotional techniques are appealing to younger audiences, they are hardly universal. In recent years, marketing experts have been dusting off some legacy marketing techniques that still resonate among consumers. The following marketing methods may seem old fashioned, but they are still very effective:

Believe in the Power of the Radio

Social media has not yet caught up with the extensive reach of radio. This is a medium that is still important for 54 percent of American listeners. Radio is often considered to be omnipresent in metropolitan markets where drivers face long commutes. In many cases, commercial spots on local radio stations can be more affordable than some online marketing campaigns.

With radio, though, you have to be more creative then radio personalities of the past. Yes, it’s all about voice, but it’s important to not sound too serious. You want to come off as being personable. This way, someone will feel comfortable listening to what you have to say just as if you were sitting right next to them as they drive their car.

Create Visual Appeal with Billboards

There is a reason why film studios and movie theater chains still use billboards in 2018. They have been proven to work. Advertisements posted on public transportation hubs and terminals are also effective, especially when they direct audiences to a business’s website. To demonstrate this, the market intelligence firm Arbitron estimates that 71 percent of Americans are receptive to billboards.

If you think about it, most people probably drive along the same routes every single day as they go to and from work, school, or wherever they routinely go to. Therefore, they’ll most likely see the same billboards over and over. That continual exposure to advertisements can be very effective as the products, brands, or business names portrayed on the billboards will be more on their mind.

Make a Statement with Email Marketing

Renowned marketing firms such as Ballantine recommend mixing the old with the new. Companies such as Google are known to combine billboards with product placement and email marketing. Campaigns that involve digital marketing in NJ or elsewhere are often effective when they craft the right message on the right channel to the right audience. People who check email on a daily basis are usually employed or business owners; this makes email marketing an attractive option. The best part about email marketing is that it allows you to test various messages on different audience segments.

Think Local with News Media

Local newspapers, magazines and news broadcasts can be wonderful marketing channels for your business. You can build a relationship with your local news providers that goes beyond buying commercial spots. Let’s say you own a PC repair business and notice that your customers are being hit with a new computer virus; this could be an item of interest for a local tech reporter. If you can position yourself as a local subject matter expert, your business could be frequently mentioned on news articles and broadcasts.

In the end, you do not have to follow every new trend in online advertising. It remains to be seen if vertical video and Snapchat stories have real lasting power. Try a couple of the old school marketing techniques listed herein, the results may surprise you.

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Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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