Consumer Psychology: How to Attract More Customers to your Business


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High quality products and untarnished brand integrity are overriding factors for consumer sales. But what if you can boost sales without having to ramp up production expenses or splurge in premium marketing campaigns? Here’s five ways to attract customers using the power of psychology.

Set Minimums

Based on professional research, adding a minimum to your product or service can increase customer participation. Attract  customers by reminding them how easy it is to get started, such as a zero-down payment for the first month. This helps them see value in a purchase and give them motivation to act now.

Label Your Customer Base

Making them feel like an all-star cast or elite group will increase the odds of them referring you to their circle of friends. This ultimately leads to more customers for your business. Offer VIP passes and loyalty membership programs to spark a sense of rarity and value that customers can get behind.

Learn Consumer Behavior to Attract Customers

There is perhaps nothing more powerful than an entrepreneur’s ability to read a customer’s body language. What makes them buy something? What activates them to rally your brand to their family, friends, and coworkers? Pursue a master’s of applied psychology online to learn the skills needed to solve practical problems concerning human behavior and experience.

Be Honest About Your Shortcomings

Another professional study suggests that customers become more trusting towards brands that admit their strategic shortcomings as opposed to brands that blame external sources for their past failures. Buyers are people, and people know that other people make mistakes. If you are honest to your customers, they will embrace your brand more willingly.

Practice Urgency and Scarcity Effectively

Both events are known to boost sales. If you get a $20 discount on a product that was originally $50, wouldn’t you be rushing to your credit cards or cold cash? However, people tend to ignore and block email messages or phone calls that do not give information regarding how they can capitalize on these deals.

Attracting more customers is what businesses of all sorts and sizes work to achieve on a daily basis. While clever marketing schemes do provide needed boosts in sales and profits, it tends to be a temporary relief. Learning and mastering consumer psychology techniques, on the other hand, provides the correct marketing principles needed not only to attract new customers but to retain your existing customer base.

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